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The Enemy of the Good

Almost 30 years ago as a baby writer in Los Angeles I covered the Playa Vista project, a real estate development that included the restoration of the Ballona Wetlands south of Marina Del Rey. My wife and I used to … Continue reading

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Taylor Run Argument Intensifies

The argument between the city of Alexandria, Virginia, and environmentalists has intensified. It’s down to competing consultants, with an important-but-not-telegenic disagreement on how to best measure phosphorous content of the Taylor Run streambed. Opponents say the city is overstating the … Continue reading

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Origins of Restoration Ecology

Great background on the history of environmental restoration from Aeon. The practice was first championed as a cutting-edge conservation strategy by professional groups such as the Society for Ecological Restoration, established in 1988. Undeniably, there was controversy in the decade … Continue reading

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UW River Falls – Ecological Restoration Institute

UW River Falls — from which I once had a fake ID — opened the Ecological Restoration Institute within the Plant and Earth Science Department. Like a lot of university-based programs, they’re tackling real-world problems with restoration projects on campus. … Continue reading

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Fundraising for Private Ecology Consultant

At the Taylor Run Restoration project in Alexandria VA the city has decided to let a private environmental group, the Environmental Council of Alexandria, hire an environmental consultant to study the city’s plan. (I don’t understand how they could stop … Continue reading

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Market Size

The search for the mysterious figure of how big the environmental restoration market is continues. The people who’ve put market research together won’t share even the topline without a payme larger than I can afford. But suddenly: this! Environmental restoration … Continue reading

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Taylor Run Stream VA

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Taylor Run goes through densely populated areas of Alexandria, Virginia, and interacts with a major freeway cloverleaf. The restoration is part of the larger project of cutting harmful runoff into Chesapeake Bay. The purpose of the Taylor Run stream restoration … Continue reading

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