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Putting the Private Sector to Work

The financing of the necessary environmental restoration is problematic. The job is o big, government can’t do it alone. There is a need to jigger the economic system so restoration becomes a profitable enterprise — something absolutely necessary to doing … Continue reading

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Nerdstuff: Social Factors Key to Landscape-Scale Coastal Restoration: Lessons Learned from Three U.S. Case Studies

Report on the importance of managing information for successful environmental restoration:  There have been historically fewer reviews, however, that have addressed the suite of societally enabling conditions that existed in ecosystem-scale projects where coastal restoration efforts were sustained for longer … Continue reading

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Study of Eelgrass Habitat in Virginia

This is a really fascinating and encouraging study of the re-establishment of eelgrass “meadows” in the bays of Virginia also brought back other species that use eelgrass as habitat. The inshore lagoons of Virginia, USA, once supported vast meadows of … Continue reading

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2015 Study of Econ Impact of Environmental Regulation

Walton Family Foundation study of the size and scope of the environmental restoration industry, and its effects on the economy. “Based on this analysis we conclude that the domestic ecological restoration sector directly employs ~ 126,000 workers and generates ~ … Continue reading

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