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Rescue Beavers

Placer County, California, considers spending millions to restore the dry, Doty Ravine creek bed, decides instead to spend $58,000 re-establishing the creek’s beaver population. Damion Ciotti, a restoration biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who led the project, … Continue reading

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Take This Stream and Shove It

The interesting case of the Raccoon River in central Iowa. One of the Ten Most Endangered Rivers in the Country because of agricultural runoff. An attempt at voluntary reduction of farm runoff hasn’t worked. An attempt to address the problem through the courts has also failed. Continue reading

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Alabama Spends Deepwater Horizon Settlement Money

They’re undertaking wetlands restoration and economic development in Mobile Bay, the Perdido River, and the peninsula in between. A $302 million slate of restoration projects approved Wednesday by the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council includes well over $20 million in … Continue reading

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Taylor Run Argument Intensifies

The argument between the city of Alexandria, Virginia, and environmentalists has intensified. It’s down to competing consultants, with an important-but-not-telegenic disagreement on how to best measure phosphorous content of the Taylor Run streambed. Opponents say the city is overstating the … Continue reading

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Klamath River

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This is one of those almost-gets-by-with-no-one-noticing things that should be big news. Oregon and California will sign a pact with two tribal nations and PacificCorp to remove 4 dams on the Klamath River. Governor Kate Brown joined California Governor Gavin … Continue reading

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Non-Point-Source Pollution

Excellent article/overview of non-point-source pollution from Center for American Progress. Excellent data on types of pollution, EPA regulatory history (or lack of it),and an excellent case study of the Maumee River and its effect on Lake Erie: The Maumee River … Continue reading

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Trash Removal After Dam Collapse

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This is something I don’t usually think about: the amount of trash produced when a dam collapses and causes sudden flooding. In this case, the collapse of the Edenville and Sanford Dams in Michigan generated thousands of tons of trash, … Continue reading

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Fundraising for Private Ecology Consultant

At the Taylor Run Restoration project in Alexandria VA the city has decided to let a private environmental group, the Environmental Council of Alexandria, hire an environmental consultant to study the city’s plan. (I don’t understand how they could stop … Continue reading

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Market Size

The search for the mysterious figure of how big the environmental restoration market is continues. The people who’ve put market research together won’t share even the topline without a payme larger than I can afford. But suddenly: this! Environmental restoration … Continue reading

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A New Dam Agreement

“A dialogue organized by Stanford that brought together environmental organizations, hydropower companies, investors, government agencies and universities has resulted in an important new agreement to help address climate change by advancing both the renewable energy and storage benefits of hydropower and the … Continue reading

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