Who Is This Guy?

Tom Johnson is a writer in Louisville, Kentucky. To sample his writing, go here.

Mr. Johnson has concluded what a lot of people already know: restoration is the future of environmentalism. Conservation is great, but we’ve gone too far and have to start to repair our world.

To increase his knowledge and develop his writing voice on the subject, he created this blog. Maybe it becomes something people pay attention to, but that’s not its purpose. If you’re visiting: welcome. Feel free to comment, but understand comments are moderated because mostly we get spam.

“Beaver dam analog” is a term used by certain environmental engineers to describe a stream or river blockage — natural or man-made — that slows the water flow, creating habitat for all kinds of plants and animals. It is applied metaphorically to this blog, slowing the flow of information about environmental restoration so (maybe) something self-sustaining can take root.