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Take This Stream and Shove It

The interesting case of the Raccoon River in central Iowa. One of the Ten Most Endangered Rivers in the Country because of agricultural runoff. An attempt at voluntary reduction of farm runoff hasn’t worked. An attempt to address the problem through the courts has also failed. Continue reading

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Non-Point-Source Pollution

Excellent article/overview of non-point-source pollution from Center for American Progress. Excellent data on types of pollution, EPA regulatory history (or lack of it),and an excellent case study of the Maumee River and its effect on Lake Erie: The Maumee River … Continue reading

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Truterra Ag Conservation Software

Developed by Land o’ Lakes. Used in this study of ag impact of wheat in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. (Who the hell grows wheat in the Chesapeake Bay watershed? That’s what the Dakotas are for.) The Truterra Champion at The … Continue reading

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