Carbon Removal Marketplace

There have long be mitigation banks that sold chunks of wetlands restoration projects to small developers who would rather not have to manage their own no-net-loss restoration credits. But this is something new — or, at least, something I’m unfamiliar with: carbon banking.

Nori is a Seattle-based start-up that sells carbon sequestration credits to individuals and businesses. They contract with farmers to grow crops that add carbon to the soil — providing a new income stream for the farmers along with sequestering carbon.

They have developed…

…a platform that makes it easy to fund carbon removal. A platform that allows businesses to help repair our planet by removing any carbon emissions they can’t yet avoid creating. An open platform that everyone can invest in with confidence, no matter how big or small their contribution. A platform that allows individuals, businesses, and nature to thrive, while creating a legacy we can be proud of.

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