Truterra Ag Conservation Software

Developed by Land o’ Lakes. Used in this study of ag impact of wheat in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. (Who the hell grows wheat in the Chesapeake Bay watershed? That’s what the Dakotas are for.)

The Truterra Champion at The Mill is Tim Hushon, who says it’s tools like the Truterra Insights Engine, which was launched in 2016, that are making the conversations around conservation more proactive than reflexive. 

“Every decision we make, every thing we recommend impacts growers. And when we have tools and reporting capability to show how we can intertwine environmental, agronomic and financial outcomes, we can refocus our discussion to be much more future-focused,” Hushon says. 

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Production and field operation data generated by farmers — from planting through harvest — is securely stored in the Answer Tech Data Silo®. We then include soil and weather data to create an overall view of how a field is performing, both agronomically and environmentally. From this, Truterra Insights Engine users receive two products.

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